Sonya Devi's story


Rojiroti has been instrumental for Sonya Devi in escaping the grips of local moneylenders.

Sonya joined her group in October 2008. At the time she was paying 120% annual interest to informal moneylenders for debt incurred for childbirth and medical emergencies.

Sonya took a loan soon after joining the group in order to recover jewellery she had mortgaged for a loan with a local moneylender when her son needed treatment for malaria.

Sonya has now paid down all of her informal debt, which was around 1,500 rupees, factoring in interest payments plus principal. 

This year, for the first time, she has been able to take land on lease to farm. She also purchased a cow, in addition to one she has been rearing on a share basis.

Going forward, Sonya sees need for future loans to invest in scaling up her farming enterprise.