Kunti Devi's story

Kunti Devi, a group member from the village of Oudchowri, thinks her household is much more stable now that she has Rojiroti.

Kunti owned acre of land which had been passed down through her family. She had always harvested staple crops such as rice and wheat on this land, but just prior to group membership, Kunti had to sell a third of her land to pay for the dowry for her first daughter’s marriage. This sale drastically reduced her wheat and rice harvest, in turn reducing her primary income.

Kunti used her first Rojiroti loans for a diesel pumpset and investment in agricultural inputs, which allowed her to better extract income from her land, even when it had been reduced by a third.

In 2006, the group received a 14,000 rupee (US$290; £180) loan from CPSL, of which 3,000 rupees were allocated to Kunti. She used the loan to take back the land she had sold.

She noted that “we all depend on farming and cultivation of our lands to survive, and without the group, farming would be impossible to continue. All of the little inputs, diesel expenses, and small costs that our group loans help finance and smooth out are indispensible.” 

The support from the group while her land was still mortgaged, as well as the increased production after regaining the land has allowed Kunti to purchase a second diesel pump for about 3,000 rupees, which has helped increase the fertility and productivity of her fields and allowed Kunti’s family to diversify their activities over the years. They now own several cows and buffaloes.

Kunti has plans to continue investing in her farm. She hopes to purchase a power tiller, which will be a major investment but will improve efficiency and be less expensive in the long run than plowing with oxen.