Madhubani group's story


During the 2008 flooding in Bihar, much of the Supaul district faced rising flood waters. Fourteen members of a men’s self-help group in Madhubani decided to evacuate but needed money for safe transportation. The group, which had 20 members, agreed to give 500 rupees (US$10; £7) each to five members who had not received loans previously, while eight members of this group who had loan repayments due were told to keep the money to use for their survival until they could return.

A few members remained in the village in an attempt to save their livestock and used the money that remained in the group's cash box for their survival.

All of these group members’ homes were severely damaged, and many livestock died. But the self-help group helped all of its members get themselves and their families so safety – saving some 60 people in all.